Saturday, January 17, 2015


You know, I spend a lot of time analyzing the things I can't do. I can't run a marathon without stopping to walk. I can't fit into a size 2. I can't run a 9 minute mile. Blah Blah. I annoy myself with my own thoughts, it's ridiculous.

With the coming of the new year, I've seen a shift in my thinking that I'm really quite proud of. I've been doing my best to focus on the things my body can do instead of what it can't.

I can move my legs 26.2 miles. I can squat over 200lbs. I can swim a lot better than I could before with 0 endurance. I can do a 3 minute plank.

It's refreshing to look at things from the flip side. My body may not be perfect - it doesn't look like it belongs on the front of a magazine and it doesn't squeeze into J Crew sizes... but it's strong and it's healthy.

It's amazing how different I feel when I acknowlede all that I can do and all the hard work I've put in to that. I'm stronger than I've ever been. I'm getting faster. I may be sidelined from long distances for a while as I recover from some minor injuries but that doesn't stop me from hitting the pavement and weights hard. I cross train in the form of pilates, yoga, spin and barre.

Today I am going to celebrate everything I'm able to do and GET to do. There will be a day when I cannot do it. Today isn't that day. Hopefully, tomorrow wont be either. May as well enjoy it and be happy about it while I have the ability to be!

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