Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1, 2015

So, here we are - 2015! I don't have an entire post planned but I wanted to jump on here and announce to the entire internet world that I am incredibly proud of myself.

This morning I completed the Atlanta Track Club's Resolution Run. It was a 4 mile run on a pretty crisp morning. I got to suit up in my snazzy compression rights and bright-light-esque pink long sleeve shirt and pin on my number. There's no feeling like race day no matter the distance. I get the same nerves and excitement.

Anyway, long story short, this course was way hillier than I anticipated. Anyone from Atlanta will tell you that Atlanta is known for the famous "Heat Hills and Humidity" so clearly I expected some hills but it felt like as soon as we hit the top of one, another would start. It was kinda like food poisoning - just when you think you're done puking - lol nope, no you're not.

Here comes the exciting part: WE HANDLED THEM. We didn't wimp out, we didn't walk them - we sucked it up and made it happen. Our pace was solid and it was a great way to start the year. I can tell that I'm getting so much stronger and my lifting routine is certainly helping. I was so excited to sprint to the finish line.

Here's an annoying race recap list instead of a long diary entry:

  • The race was in a new location that was picked last minute due to some property sales issues. So, it was super crowded for the first mile or so. 
  • Super hilly. 
  • The Kids Shirts were way cuter than the adult's. My tiny person ran his FIRST RACE and got a little foam medal (kid safe, y'all) and a t-shirt. So pumped.
  • The finishing snack boxes didn't have a single thing that was "nut free" so my tiny person couldn't eat any of it. #nutallergyproblems
  • I finished the race feeling so confident and good about myself and looking forward to all the things I am going to accomplish in 2015 with my health and running. 

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