Friday, December 26, 2014

What Do I resolve to do in 2015?

Ugh. Resolution time, again? What else can I promise myself next year that I'm going to absolutely do and then by the end of February feel like a total failure when I inadvertently do whatever it is I resolved not to do? What a miserable set up. With all the odds of the world against us every day, why not add another spike to the coffin? Not a big deal. It's kinda like that meme that's been floating around on Facebook/Instagram - "Why would I weigh myself when I could light myself on fire and then roll around in glass and feel exactly the same way?"

Here's a list of what I know:

  • I ran a marathon this year. 
  • I have become much stronger through not only running but weight lifting and various cross training such as Barre and Yoga.
  • I have improved my overall endurance from not being able to run .25 of a mile when I first started to being able to run lots without stopping. 
  • Running/sweating/lifting weights makes me feel GREAT. 

Despite knowing all of these killer, awesome things - I also know this: No matter how kickass I feel I'm doing, the digital number that pops up on my scale has the ability to shatter the floor I walk on. I mean destroy me. How is this even possible? I'll talk shit and put anyone in their place in a heartbeat if need be but somehow an object (that I purchased!) has the ability to slice me? This girl? The one with the loud mouth and excessive sarcasm? Yeah. It's basically more ridiculous than American Idol still airing on television. 

So, this year, I've decided to do something incredibly positive. I have resolved to not weigh myself in 2015. 

That's right - you heard me (well, kinda). I've put my scale away (the boo thang uses it) and it is out of sight and somewhat out of mind. I'm tired of the ridiculous bullshit I put myself through mentally and physically because of a number that should have nothing to do with my actual health.

I do the right things. I eat well, I exercise hard. I like to drink beer and have cake and that's absolutely okay. I'm not going to continue down this ridiculous path. If I eat something salty, the next day the scale is like "OH HAI, SHAMOO. WHERE YA BEEN?" And why should I allow some sort of horrific punishment for indulging? It's not like I wont drink a gallon of water the next day and add in some more reps to make up for it. Shit.

Long story short, THE SCALE IT OUT. I'm not going to say "no more sweets" because I really like sweets. I'm not going to say "no more carbs" because that's truly dangerous to everyone. I'm simply going to say "no more scale" because truthfully, it's proven to be the most dangerous to my health.

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