Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh, yeah. I ran a marathon!


I'm not dead. I didn't die after week #5 of training. I made it through all of the training and rocked my marathon! Well, by rocked I mean I finished and I had a great experience. I wont share my finishing time not because I'm embarrassed but because it simply doesn't matter. This race wasn't about finishing times or trying to prove that my speed is superior. I had a wonderful time and couldn't have really gone any better. I never hit The Wall where I questioned my sanity as to why I made this decision. I never felt like quitting. I never stopped smiling. That's really what matters the most for me. I did it. I accomplished this huge thing that I never thought I could until I did.

At the end I cried big, ugly tears. They gave me my medal, took my picture and I was off. It was like this dream had just happened. Totally in la la land for at least a day after. The recovery wasn't too bad and I'm moderately considering running another one in a couple years. For now...the goals change and the work continues.

The 2015 goal is to run every race in the Atlanta Track Club Grand Prix Series. Totally doable and most of them are free since I'm a member. Shorter distances and a faster pace. Let's see where this train goes!

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