Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WHAM! (said the scale)

Yeah - I did it. I stepped on the scale. I'm now in "oh my GOD I'm going to the beach in 2 weeks and I am an elephant (and not the cute baby kind)" mode. The only good thing that has come from this is I am strictly looking at portions and eating totally clean. #hopeitworks #gottagetintoahabbit

Let's see...oh! Group run last week! Super awesome. Was very pleased with getting to run with a group of people who weren't judgmental or mean. Just there at different levels and wanting to run. I'm honestly looking forward to going back again this Saturday! It was a short (about 3 miles) course but it had some killer hills. I know I'll for sure get my money's worth. There are coaches with every "group" so each pace has someone there cheering them on and talking the whole way. I love it. And they stress so much that time doesn't matter. Maybe if I hear it enough, it'll sink in ;)

And now some photos to capture the week...

Spring in Atlanta also means "hot as balls" This was after a lunch time run - omg. 

Panera style lunch. Love their classic with chicken and avocado. Nom! 

Flew kites on Sunday with my loves! 

This is Kennessaw Mountain. It's pretty wonderful (and local!)

A mile straight up, up, up! 

The view from the top! 

And on the way down we made a new friend! He was literally 10 feet away. Just hang in' out and eating like it was no big deal that a bunch of humans were in the woods....

Here's to another great week and some great decisions! 

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