Friday, May 2, 2014

Atlanta Marathon CANCELLED

So, today as I was perusing Facebook, a fellow runner posted that the Atlanta Marathon had been cancelled. Yeah – THE marathon. The one I have signed up for a training program for and everything. I frantically searched my E-mail for the undeniable truth – the Atlanta Track Club had cancelled the marathon and is putting all their efforts into the 10 miler set for the same say.

I was immediately very upset and even texted the handsome man that clearly this was a sign that 26.2 just isn’t for me. Nashville fell through and now Atlanta just wasn’t even an option. At some point a person just has to accept what the universe is trying to tell them, right?

The good news is this: I told the universe to suck it. They are allowing everyone who registered for the marathon to run the 10 miler AND transfer their marathon registration to either the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon on November 8th or the Silver Comet Marathon which is on October 26th. I chose the savannah because it is F-L-A-T. I was lucky enough to be able to get a hotel down there still. So. My Marathon Dreams are not squashed, just postponed to the following weekend. I now get to run the 10miler with a friend of mine and I still get to get my triple peach medal. And let’s be clear – I am ONLY running the Peachtree Road Race to get my snazzy medal.

And truth be told, running the savannah is probably a blessing in disguise. Running my first 26.2 on a totally flat road without any humidity may be the best plan of action. Get my confidence up and then I can come home and tackle the hills that are Atlanta.

In other news…things are going pretty well. Nutrition is…so so. Getting my perception of food and what I’m eating is going better. Not perfect and not aiming for perfect, really. Just trying to make it through.

I’ve got the group training run on Saturday morning and then barre. Pretty excited to have a fun filled weekend in the sun!

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