Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Days Down - Twenty Five to Go

So here I am - five days into this crazy new diet scheme of mine. That's not fair, I shouldn't call it a scheme. Experiment, maybe? I updated you all with the news that I'm was going to begin to eat based off of what my blood type is (O Positive). So, I ordered the book from amazon (NO I couldn't get it on my Kindle...damnit). I got it in the mail and my heart sank a little more with every turn of the page.

A lot of things that I love are out. And a lot of things I prefer not to eat are in. According to this book, I'm basically supposed to shift to what's very similar to a Paleo diet. No dairy. No Wheat/Carbs. No potatoes. No avocados. My heart is literally empty.

But five days in and I can say I've made it. The hardest part is having to literally think before putting any food in my mouth. I've had some slip ups (namely: skittles). But no dairy or carbs or anything like that. I do feel better and my tummy is no longer screaming at me. The flat belly feeling you have when you wake up first thing in the morning? I have that all day. It's kinda nice. I haven't weighed myself so I don't really know if there's improvement there. I'll let you know after a full week or maybe 2.

What it really boils down to is this: I can't live my life eating cheese and bread and such. I desperately need to expand my food horizon and this is a great way to do it. If I'm going to not be hungry I'm going to have to learn to love other veggies and such. Either that or I'll starve - and we all know that simply isn't happening.

Food journals are super easy when you're not eating carbs or dairy. Everything you're allowed to eat is mega low calorie so days like today I didn't even bother. I know I was at my weight loss calorie intake amount. And I'm not hungry. I'm not painfully full either. Content - nourished.

I just have to keep repeating: I eat for nourishment not for reward or comfort.

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