Saturday, April 12, 2014

Feelin' kinda photo heavy!

Oh my god it's so nice to be able to update from my regular laptop. The other computer I've been using does NOT like the compose feature and makes me update using HTML - meaning, I have to enter all my own codes. ARGH. Because of that, I haven't been including any pictures either. And that's just boring.

Anywhoo - an update in pictures!

First up are my new Nufoot mary jane slippers that I wear for barre. They're super cute, inexpensive and have tiny anti-slip grippers on the bottom that help keep me from falling all over the place during barre. Definitely a great buy! I'd pay attention to the sizing chart next time though...I got a small (which fit but are snug) instead of a medium. So far the only thing I don't really like about them is my feet get super sweaty in them. So far it hasn't been an issue but I definitely notice that they sweat more in these rather than normal socks with anti slips on the bottom.

I typically juice fruits and veggies. It can be really frustrating though - it takes a lot of effort (mostly because of the cleaning afterwords!) and I just don't always have time. As a result, I don't do it as a frequently as I should or want to. I finally took the plunge and got a magic nutribullet. I didn't prepare by shopping for veggies first so all I had were carrots, apples, pears and spinach. I added a table spoon of Chia seeds and some ice cubes to chill the mix. 

Overall, it was pretty good. The ice cubes made it into more of a slushy than a drink which was kinda weird. Definitely a great refreshing drink post barre and run, though! So far so good. Clean up was a snap. I LOVED that I blended in the same cup I drank from. Fewer dishes to wash = happy Shauna. I'm definitely going to make sure I have berries and pineapple on hand. The only downfall is that I can't use FROZEN berries with this. It specifically says not to. Womp womp womp. 

Next is my Sports authority splurge with coupons and reward points - under $20 for the total haul! WIN! 

Annnd finally, today I spent my afternoon laying in my bikini in this handy fold up hammock - and when I got a sunburn (about an hour later. omg so white) we went to the square for amazing strawberry ice cream! That was the kid's cone -_- Way too much but it sure was yum! 

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Saturday!! Tomorrow promises to be just as gorgeous outside so I'll be paying a visit to that hammock again as well as getting my fitness in via Yoga and a run! Wahoo! 

**As usual, no one paid me to review any products mentioned here. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

How are you spending your weekend?
Do you have a fun new workout routine that is helping you get through a plateau? 


  1. AGH I AM SO JEALOUS OF THAT HAMMOCK AND THE SUN TIME even if you did get burnt! :) Haha! I need a hammock in my life ASAP. And for the record, not to sound bitchy (though I always unintentionally do), blending your fruits and veggies is generally better than juicing so the bullet was a good call on your part! :) My weekend was spent at the Braves games and running around like a chicken without a head. It was very busy. :)

    1. GGGiiiirrrrlllll that hammock is the So happy that my boyfriend's sister let me borrow it. I'm pretty happy with the blending so far. BUT jiuicing watermellon in the summer is uh-mazing!!! (add a splash or 7 of vodka...)


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