Monday, April 21, 2014

Group Runs

Well, I've done it now. I've made myself accountable via money. I've done something that I've always really and truly avoided - I signed up for a group training program. Two, actually. One for the Peachtree Road Race and one for the Atlanta Marathon. I know that I can run a 10k. The problem is that I'm clearly doing something wrong. I don't see real improvement. I'll have one really great run and then I'll be right back to almost a minute slower pace for several weeks then another great run will happen and the cycle continues. I've clearly got something wrong with how my body trains and I think that this will be a great opportunity for me to learn some new things. I want to not just run the Peachtree but RUN it. Looking for a killer run and I'm hoping that the coaches and motivation from my group will be helpful.

I don't run with people for a really ridiculous reason. I get super embarrassed. Like...really bad. I'm my own worst enemy and hopefully these group runs will help! And if not...well. The money wasn't that bad and I know that I will have had tried.

Let's other news. HOLY BOSTON, BATMAN! So proud of everyone who ran today! I got chills watching MEB cross the finish line. Finally, an American win! USA! Home of the brave, y'all! One day maybe I'll be there running with the other 30,000 people.

Still going strong with my morning smoothies. Starting to get use to the taste/texture. Juicing has its perks but I'm hoping that this takes my nutrition to a different level.

Alright - off to get ready for bed. Early wake up call for some fitness types of things :) Have a great week, y'all!


  1. Ohhhh girl I am so amped for this decision! I think it's the right thing and omg I'm not even THAT close to you and YES x 100 - you really are your own biggest enemy. I am hoping that this group running teaches you to be your own biggest fan. Because let's be real, if you're not cheering for yourself, who will want to cheer for you??? You are #AMAZING and I can't wait for you realize it. :) Good luck in the AM work out tomorrow my love. I'm soooo excited for Peachtree! :) And for your first marathon at the end of the year! I just know that you will figure something out with your training! <3 <3 You'll learn REALLY quickly that running with people is literally the best thing ever.

    1. <3 you're AMAZING! Can't wait to be able to keep up with youuu! I wanna be my own biggest fan but it turns out I'm a mean, mean lady!


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