Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gorgeous Weather !

Oh my lord I feel like Mother Nature is apologizing for the horrific winter she put us through! It has been absolutely gorgeous this week. Today when I got home from my 5k (more on that later) it was a wonderful 80 degrees and sunny! I couldn't wait to get out of work, hop in my car, put the windows down and drive through the sun. Uh-mazing.

Yesterday a surprise nap got me and I did NOT get my lazy butt up to hit the pavement. Instead of going bonkers over it, I accepted it and moved on to today. I did a much better job with my clean eating and made it a point to run. I got home and immediately changed and headed out. I'm still running without looking at my Garmin. My pace during my runs is of no value to me right now. I'm running set distances but not at a set pace. I'm making sure that I can breathe and that I'm not burning myself out. Proper breathing. Good form. I want to feel good while I'm running and not kill myself. The speed and strength will come. This time around for my training I want to take it slow and steady. Training isn't a race - I'll get there.

I'm excited to have a solid mix of exercises to strengthen my running capacity. I'm definitely going to be doing Barre classes every Saturday morning. I've been making it to Yoga Sunday mornings and Monday evenings. I'm aiming to swim for cross training on Sundays. Spin on Monday and Friday mornings. Intervals with weights Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings. I'm excited. And this time - if I'm tired, I'll rest. I'm not an olympian, I haven't been running since I was a kid. Never did track. Never ran cross country. Not everyone progresses at the same time.

I am no longer comparing myself to anyone else. This is what is going to help me reach my goals. And I'm pretty excited about that.

Did you have an awesome workout today?
Has Spring finally made an appearance where you're at? 

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  1. That's what it's all about - you doing you. :) I'm glad you're loving this weather! I am not a fan of running in 80* weather at all so this summer will be tough for me. BUT, last night was perfection once the sun started to go down! :) GO SHAUNA GO! You're the best!


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