Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Eat Clean April. I'm looking at it like Spring Cleaning for my body. So... Spring Cleansing
I’m not usually one for “challenges.” I don't do diets.I just do my best to eat well and remain active. For whatever reason, I’ve decided I need to make an honest-to-goodness attempt at eating clean. That’s why I’ve decided to make April a “Clean Eating Event.”
I’ve noticed that I’ve just become so lackadaisical about what I’m eating and drinking. For example, last night as I was munching on Reece’s cups and multiple glasses of wine, I took in probably an extra 600 calories. SIX HUNDRED. Each Reece’s cup was 100 calories. I had 4. I had what was probably equivalent to 2 glasses of wine. Well over 200 calories. Mind blown. And the worst part? I had these thoughts WHILE I WAS DOING IT and KEPT GOING. Ridiculous.
Gotta stop. No way I can expect my body to perform at its best if I’m not willing to give it the best. Time to refocus. Not to diet. I don’t do that. I’ve got to be better to my body. I’m expecting great things from it – losing weight, looking fit, running faster…but none of that can happen if I wanna sit on the couch and shove my face with indulgences that should be left for special occasions. Please note: I don’t think that you’re terrible if you want to sit and eat Reece’s or drink wine. I just realize I have been doing it way more often than I ought to. And as a result, I’m not seeing results. Cause and effect.  Not dieting. Just doing better things for my body. #imisscookiesalready. 
I made it to a really wonderful yoga class with one of my BFF and loved every painful moment, ha! I've got to do a better job of stretching before and after my workouts.... 

HA...if only this were an option...


  1. #preachitsistah
    I'm embarking on something similar - a candy cleanse! I eat copious amounts of candy all day e'rryday like it's not a big deal, but really, it's terrible. I'm also trying to limit cheese (ah the horror) because we all know how that messes with our systems. Good luck! When next we hang out it shall be for a workout + healthy eating!

    1. Oh my gosh it's day ONE and I'm already a maniac. You never know how much you miss something until it's gone... right?
      UH YES please. Can we make this happen? Perhaps Thursday evening?

  2. Hey, yeah, I know the problem with stretching and flexibility. It's just like with muscles, you either use them or loose them. Nice blog!

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for the complement!
      Yeah... it seems as though I've lost my flexibility! I remember being super limber....ah! Do you participate in a barre class?


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