Monday, March 17, 2014

4:30 Wake-Up Call Success !

I’m really starting to cling to this “one day at a time” theory. I don’t have my week of workouts planned. I’m finding that doing that overwhelms me and I get incredibly disappointed if life gets in the way and I’m not able to accomplish the entire schedule. So, I’m planning one day ahead. I’ll figure out today what I’ll do tomorrow. This way, if I have a really terrible day today and simply need to sleep in tomorrow to prepare for the day ahead then it won’t be a problem. I can plan accordingly.

As for today’s “plan” – it went well! I woke right up at 4:30, no snooze button needed. I was planning on running a 5k on the deathmill…but I left my headphones at a currently unidentified location. So, I hit the stair climber for a total of 45 minutes instead. That combined with 45 minutes of spin [20 mile ride! Woo!] (I’ll come back to this later), 100 squats and 100 crunches totals out to 803 calories burned before 7:15 this morning. WOO.

I also started back to My Fitness Pal today, also. When I did it, I noticed a difference. I hate it and it’s a pain in the butt. Yeah, that was said in a grumpy voice. But, all in the name of goals, right? Right. I ate m&m’s this morning. I didn’t cheat. I scanned them and added them in. They were super tasty and worth every bit of the 230 calories. You won’t find this girl counting to 100 to avoid a craving. 

Okay, so back to spin. The instructor was a mega buff, super thin and pretty lady. She has two kids, the youngest is three. She really likes to compare her life to the rest of us. And by the rest of us I mean the people who don’t have the pleasure of not working and have all the time in the world to train. One of her kids is in elementary school and the other goes to an all-day pre k Monday-Friday. She doesn’t work. So she trains. ALL. THE. TIME. And she has the nerve to try to tell us (us being the people in the class who are up at the ass crack of dawn because it’s the only time we have to work out) that if we simply put in 2 hours before work and 2 hours after work every day, that we too could look like her. I’m all for people being proud of their accomplishments. She should be proud! She has a killer body that she obviously works hard for. But don’t rub it in people’s faces, especially when you’re set up to succeed and some of the others in the class may not be. It really made me angry. Just as a side note, she would also randomly say during the class “Can you feel the burn?!” – we just did a 3 minute, heavy load, seated hill climb…. WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK?! Rawr. I don’t deal well with this type of individual at 5am. I just don’t.

All in all today was a success! Granted, I’m not quite through the work day but I’ve got a feeling the rest of the day is going to be great.

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s day? What’s your goal for this week?


  1. Glad you're back at it - figuring out what works for you.
    God, I'm sorry, it feels weird commenting on your blog post because you're my friend in real life. I always comment on people I don't know and I totes know you... Haha.. I've got to get it right.
    ANYWAY, I do NOT like LA Fitness spin instructors - have you considered an actual spin studio?? I feel like you'd thrive in that environment (if it's not too costly!).
    My goal for this week is to beat this mother effing cold so I can PR on Sunday! :) Can't wait for this race - it's supposed to be beautiful!!

    1. There's a couple instructors I REALLY like. Tracy at the akers mill LA fitness is the There's a spin studio in buckhead but that's a bit too far for me to go every day. I AM gonna try a barre class on Saturday monring - super pumped about that!! Gonna have ABS OF STEEEEEL. I'm back at it and just trying to move forward. The struggle is real, haha! <3 you!


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