Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gym Boss - Review

I had always heard a lot of talk about intervals. I had never really given them a go until semi recently when I decided I needed to do a variety of exercises during one workout to keep myself from losing my mind while stuck inside due to multiple ice storms in a row in Atlanta.

I have to say that I’m kinda addicted to them now. More often times than not I just pick a place on the gym floor and set up shop. I’ve made index cards with interval routines on them. Each exercise gets either 30 seconds or 1 minute. Each card contains about 5 exercises so that I can easily remember the order without having to reference the card after I complete each exercise. I have a whole stack of them and choose them at random when I get to the gym. I can say “tomorrow at the gym I’m going to do 45 min of intervals and then an hour yoga class.” So I still have my “plan” but the workout is always different.

I absolutely couldn’t do my intervals without my Gym Boss interval timer. Easily one of the best fitness purchases that I’ve made. I purchased the “mini” which, in my opinion, isn’t very mini but it easily clips to my pants, sports bra or you can purchase a wristlet that it will also clip to. You can program it however you like. I THINK it goes up to 3 intervals. I typically use it for 2 intervals, the timing differentiating depending on what I’m doing. (I don’t do the HIIT workouts. Way too nuts for me. I’ve tried and I just don’t like it. Go figure.)

For example, if I’m doing an ab circuit, I’ll do 30 seconds on and then 10 seconds off. Five rounds. This gets me through an entire ab circuit once. Much easier than trying to keep up with a timer. It can either beep, vibrate or both. It has a “loud” or “soft” setting. I typically just use the vibrate setting because the beep is kiiinda bonkers.

I also use it when I’m doing interval runs. Whether it be that I’m doing speed work or if I’m injecting walking into my run, the gym boss allows me to properly keep up with the intervals without having to pay attention to the time. It comes in a bunch of snazzy colors, too. We all know I’m a sucker for things that are cute AND helpful. I definitely suggest purchasing a gymboss for use during runs or intervals!

Gymboss hasn't sponsored me or paid me any money to review them. I think it's an awesome product and I think other's deserve to know :)

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