Monday, March 10, 2014

Big Peach Running Company - Review

In the midst of my Marathon gloom, I decided to take a trip to the Big Peach Running Company in Kennesaw, Georgia. Nothing makes a runner feel better than being surrounded by other runners who understand their disappointment. (Because really – what normal person would be disheveled by the fact that they can’t run 26.2 miles on a Saturday morning….)

So in I went and started talking to Corey regarding the shoes that I’m currently in. I first stood on a foot analysis machine (very fancy) that measured my characteristics. They decided my foot width and arch and what type of construction I needed. Before I knew it I was in a pair of neutral shoes and running on a treadmill. They have a camera set up behind the treadmill so they record your gait. This combined with the foot analysis they set you up with multiple options of shoes for your specific needs. You then get to try on each pair and run around their store like a crazy person to see which one fits you best.

I ended up with a pair of Brooks Ravenna 5’s. They’re pretty snazzy looking AND they offer crazy support. I learned during this little running adventure that not only do I WALK pigeon toed but I also RUN pigeon toed…really great for my knees. Next up: fix that. The shoes were decently priced and came with a pretty generous return policy.

The best part of the process (other than scoring an awesome new pair of shoes that are sure to send you to the Olympics… OK maybe not quite that far…) is that there is no pressure to buy. They provide the fitting services for free and are genuinely just interested in getting all runners in the proper running shoes. Running is their passion and they hope it will be yours too. I will definitely be returning to this local shop for my running needs! Ask for Corey – he was the

Please know that I'm not being paid for this review, nor did they ask me to write it. I feel it's important to sing praises when due and they definitely deserve it!


  1. Big Peach is great!! They are the ones who hooked me up with my running shoes that I have now purchased the past three times i've needed new shoes! :) They also showed me how to stretch my IT band to help prevent injury. they rock! i did a review of them too because i was so pleased with the service! :)

    1. Aren't they FAB? I also sent in a comment on their website because I was so happy. I'm hoping these brooks are just what the running Gods ordered!!


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