Thursday, March 13, 2014

All The Exercise!

For a good while prior to me making the difficult decision to postpone my Marathon, I was working out twice a day four days a week. I'm not sure how I was still standing. I was exhausted. I really thought that working out more would make me stronger and thus better prepared for the race. What I'm finally seeing (or maybe, believing) now is that all it did was put more stress on my body and disallow any type of recovery.

I found this article on about working out "smarter" and not "harder." I've been reading a lot about this. I do my best to switch up routines and incorporate different intervals into my work outs to avoid the plateau. But I wonder if there's a "best" way to do this? More weights and less cardio one week and then switch the next? Weights VS resistance bands? Treadmill VS elliptical? Don't read this blog if you're looking for the answer to all your burning athletic questions...I've got just as many as you. But, I've also been reading about exercise addiction. Did you know that it's considered an eating disorder just like anorexia? There are treatment centers for it and everything. I can see how addicting it can become and how it can become such a necessity in a person's life.

Speaking of exercise addiction...Taking the day off...not feeling great. Doing my best to "listen to my body" and rest up. I'll probably hit the gym for a bit in the morning for spin before work. Haven't been feeling like myself since the decision. Don't know if I'm depressed or if I've lost faith in myself. Pretty sure it's a good mixture of both. Allowing myself to mope for a little while. Moping includes eating what I want...which is totally counter productive but.. oh well. I suppose I'll cross the back on the horse bridge when I get to it.

To make that matter worse, it's going to rain all weekend. So much for a pretty, no pressure run this weekend. Bleh. But - for now I'll go soak in a bath and read Divergent on my Kindle.


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