Sunday, March 30, 2014

My First Barre Class - Holy Smokes! - Review

Yesterday morning I attended my first Barre Class at Dance Stop Studios in Marietta, Georgia. I had been reading a bunch about how beneficial Barre can be for lengthening muscles and overall strength.  Unfortunately, in my area these classes are so expensive. You know the drill - once something becomes popular, the prices skyrocket and all of a sudden only the financially elite can participate.

I managed to find a great studio! Dance Stop Studios offers both traditional dance classes and fitness classes. The drop in rate for the Barre Classes is $10/class or you can buy 10 classes for $80.

When we walked in, the facility was gorgeous. Big, bright and clean. The woman at the front desk was super friendly and accommodating. She offered to let us take the class before we decided if we wanted to simply pay for the one class or if we wanted to take advantage of the 10 class value package. She offered us clean grippy socks to wear and directed us where to go.

When we walked in, the barre class studio was huge. The instructor was setting up our weights, straps, gliding pads and balls. The weights were only 3 pounds. Honestly, I was thinking to myself "How hard could this be?"

By the end of the hour long class, my legs and arms were screaming. I honestly can say that muscles were hurting that I didn't even realize I had. It was a great work out that went by fast. I can't wait to go back!

I definitely took advantage of the 10 for $80 deal! It's good for any fitness class at any time. The zumba classes are less expensive so you may not want to use it for that. Can't wait to go back next Saturday!

As for this Sunday, we're supposed to be experiencing some wonderful weather! I'm thinking a nice 10k and then some hammock and kindle time out on the back patio! I hope all of you have a fab rest of your weekend!!

Did you do any fun, new classes this week? 
What's your fitness plan for today?


  1. OMG this is so cool that you took one and loved it because I'm taking my first one this Thursday and I am so amped! I've heard it's incredibly challenging but in the best possible way! Glad you loved it!

    1. OH my gosh! you're going to love it! I had to hunt to find an inexpensive place and I'm so pleased with this studio. Where are you heading to?

  2. I'm going to a place in the Highlands... It's $15 for a drop in class so I'll see how I feel... :)


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