Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RooSport Fitness and Travel Pouch - Review

So, last weekend I attended the health and fitness expo for the Goergia Marathon. Now, I've been to a lot of expos so there isn't a lot that makes me go "oh...I need this. Now." After getting my race packet we wondered around looking at the piles of shoes, shirts and various bumper stickers.

But there was one thing that immediately stepped out. The RooSport Fitness and Travel Pouch. I absolutely hate running belts. I hate arm bands. I hate anything that makes me feel restricted while I'm trying to run or workout. My problem has just been solved. This fabulous little magnetic pouch holds your phone, cards and a key. Then it magnetizes to your pants. Okay, so really what it does is it folds over the top of your pants, capris, shorts etc and is held together via a super strong magnet. I used it for the first time during this race and it was magical. It stayed in place perfectly. I did have to make sure that my Nike capris were tied a little snug to make sure that it held up to the weight of my new pouch. 

It is the perfect size - not too big. The magnet worked perfectly. The material is such that I can easily clean it to get the running glitter (also known as sweat) off of it. It's truly a fabulous little gizmo. 

This is the part that faces your body. 

This part shows over your pants - clever, aren't they?

You place the top of your pants along that middle seam and flip the top down. TA-DA!

Anyhow, totally worth the $20 I spent on it. I highly encourage you to get one. And, I'm not going to lie - I really hate it when people don't run with ID and their health insurance card. We're seeing way too many runners injured these days due to car accidents and I want everyone to be prepared. So grab this guy, throw your credentials in there and get to running! 

RooSport did not pay me any money or ask me to write this review. As usual, I offer my opinion free of charge (ha! I know some folks who would strongly agree to this happening often). 


  1. Oh girl this is awesome you must show this to me next time we workout together (!!!!!!!!!). :)

    1. It's really freaking awesome. It does have a place for you to run your wire for your headphones. BUT you know I rarely work with music so I'm not quite sure how that bit works.


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