Thursday, March 27, 2014

Marathonfoto WIN

You know, I've run a lot of races through out the years. I've had many a run-in with the folks from marathonfoto. It wasn't until this race that I actually got a GOOD photo. And dare I say it - maybe multiple photos that aren't so terrible that I'm ashamed they even uploaded them?! Since I was the cheerleader and not the competitor while completing these past 13.1 miles I was able to not only spot the marathonfoto creepers but make sure I looked overwhelmingly happy! I'll be shocked if I'm not on running posters around America (kidddddding!)

Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow I will be back in the gym full-force and doing work. The Orthopedist said my foot should be good to go with lots of ice and not running for a couple more days. Didn't say I couldn't spin and work some intervals though. Not sure if I'll make it to do that tomorrow morning seeing as how it's already so late. But if not tomorrow AM then tomorrow afternoon for sure. Nothing like starting a weekend with a solid workout, right? Right. Pretty positive the weekend will be filled with wine, hammocks and friends. Gotta make sure I earn those beverages ;) 

What's your workout plan for the weekend? 
has marathonfoto ever gotten you at your worst? Your best? 


  1. You bought your photos? Lucky girl that they turned out cutely enough to purchase! Mine are awful. If you recall, there's a good reason why. :) :) YAY for your foot being better! And yep - earn that wine girl!

  2. I don't normally but I always regret not having them. So I did this time. And there were a bunch of me and Meg so I know she wanted to have some, too.
    HA yes you did have a reason... but you also got to join the sub 2 club! Hopefully I'll join you this time next year...


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