Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Four Letter Word

DIET. Did you just shudder? I may have. This four letter word has such baggage attached to it that there isn't a country song written that could accurately depict it. We're approaching that time - you know - the diet time. Target has their bathing suits out for Spring break and it's no longer getting dark at 4 in the afternoon. Our extra "warmth" layer is no longer deemed acceptable and must go! PRONTO! (I should write for the cover of magazines, don't you think?) But...why do we go through this exact same cycle year after year?

Grab your guilty stamp and get me right in the middle of the forehead. I haven't had the greatest relationship with food. I've yo-yoed and binged. Cut carbs and added protein. I've tried the pills and shakes. And...what I finally was able to realize that *duh* my body is a machine. When I take my car to get gas, I certainly don't put oil and transmission fluid into the gas tank and expect it to perform well. So, slowly but surely I'm making permanent changes in what I eat and drink to allow my body to perform at it's best. Now, I'm not a registered dietician and I am certainly not a Dr. The only thing I can say is that not drinking soda is great. And that a bag of cookies is no where near as rewarding as a bowl of grapes and apples.

I have done things like....mix Pure Life Naturals Chia Seeds into my greek yogurt in the morning. Or sometimes Spectrum Organic Ground Flaxseed instead. I make an honest attempt to buy "all natural" or "organic" when I'm forced to buy processed foods. The amount of fresh foods I'm eating has gone through the roof in comparison to what it used to be. And slowly but surely I can feel my body just.. working better. I've decreased my wine intake (but not cut it out entirely...because...really... I like it. And moderation is key, right?) Slowly but surely is what I tell myself. I eat the protein on my plate first. I don't eat all the bread on the table at a restaurant. I try to only eat half of what's brought to me while eating out. Ya know. Easy, simple, common sense stuff.

This is not to say that I don't still eat the things I like. Today, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and ate probably a few more than what I should have. But the days where I would scold myself and tell myself that this has ruined all my hard work are over. I'll just make sure to up my cardio a smidge a make sure I savor every bite. Eat what you love, just don't eat all of it. Seems like a good deal to me. Love your life and not go through each day dreading what you'll have to eat at your next meal. Yes, please. Besides, I can think of a lot of other four letter words that I'd rather say...

So, as you embark on your four letter word adventure for this season....I wonder if you'll continue the cycle or simply revamp your normal?

Neither Pure Life Naturals nor Spectrum Organics paid me to mention their products. I use them nearly daily and my thoughts/opinions are my own. 

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